We provide comprehensive expert support in the field of communications. We involve the best experts in the sphere of strategic planning, prepare case studies and analytical assessment of businesses. We work with opinion leaders and create a loyal pool of experts who support your company's position in the media.

Monitoring and analysis of the information field is an inalienable part of PR-promotion. We prepare reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Among other things, they include the analysis of the competitors’ activity, their services, and products. We also monitor social networks.

We organize training classes for the company's speakers: public appearances, communication with media representatives. We conduct rehearsals with the real journalists’ participation.



In addition to traditional communication tools, digital PR allows client-facing communication through the Internet and social networks with no middlemen involved.

We develop a strategy for the presence of the company in a digital environment based on a common communication strategy and business objectives.

We create and run official company groups in social networks (SMM). We manage feedback to clients on the Internet and social media: Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, YouTube, "Odnoklassniki".

Our own content studio creates and produces high-quality content, which increases the level of customer involvement and is easily spread organically.

We work with search engine optimization (SEO), negative feedback about the company on the Internet (forums, blogs, review sites).

We cooperate with leading bloggers and vloggers.

Unlike specialized digital agencies, we develop an integrated strategy of external communications, where digital tools work together with traditional PR, which allows achieving goals much faster and more efficiently.



We develop and launch advertising campaigns of federal and regional levels both online and offline. We work with advertising in print media, Internet, TV, radio, as well as outdoor formats.

Media planning is made by our own analytical center.

We organize promotions, sponsorship integration, we develop non-standard advertising projects.



Useful contacts solve everything! Networking is considered the main competence of a modern manager, a business owner.

We help our clients consciously create a network of useful connections. We expand your social circle in the business world, help establish new contacts.

We manage your interaction with business communities, professional associations, government agencies. We help you enter expert councils with state organizations, participate in industry conferences and major business forums, not only in Russia but also abroad.

personal pr


Building a personal brand is just as important as developing your company’s brand. Clients and partners want to know more about the personalities behind the strong business: the successes, goals, and challenges that you have come across.

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal brand is not less valuable than Facebook that he founded. The name of Elon Musk is the symbol of the future, innovation, technological breakthrough. It is more popular than Space X founded by Musk. Even if you are not a business owner, but work as a hired manager, consultant or a visiting expert, your personal brand is your main asset requiring attention and development.

Our agency's experts will help create your personal brand or develop a strategy for its promotion if it already exists. They will create a brand legend, work with the way you look, help you upgrade your public speaking skills, create a portfolio, promote you on the media and include your brand into a public interest agenda. First, we work for your reputation, then your reputation works for you.



PR is one of the most important tools for developing and supporting the business reputation of the company and increasing the brand value. We develop external communication strategies to inform the audience about your company's mission, goals, performance, and corporate responsibility.

We manage the information flow between your company and its customers, investors, partners, employees to form a positive attitude to the product, service and the company’s leadership position.

Our own content studio creates messages which are attractive to each separate target audience. We use newsworthy events and the audiences’ interests to promote your company's position and ensure cost-effective public relations campaigns.

We also manage crisis communications.

Our group works together with the leading mass media. Thanks to the long-standing partnership with them, we offer our clients exclusive and favorable terms.



Do you want your event to be talked and written about? Not only will we organize it, but we will also find information partners, invite journalists and create buzz for it on social networks. We will make your event momentous.

We develop creative and technical parts taking on all the stages of the organization and implementation of the project. We work with trusted contractors, best designers, and producers.

For each event, we develop an exclusive program: unique speakers, hosts, music content, theme zones, and interactive elements. Memorable details from non-standard invitations to theme scenery and hostesses costumes will create the right impression, which your guests will remember for a long time.

Unlike highly specialized event agencies, we will provide broad information support to the event with the maximum PR-effect for your brand and company.



The basis of any communication is an idea! The First Place team develops and brings to life the most diverse creative concepts. When working with us, you get everything that is needed for the successful project execution: from creative ideas and effective strategy development to content production.

Our content studio creates visual materials that help attract your target audience and present the necessary information in an eye-catching and easy-to-understand way.

For the most effective implementation of the tasks set by the client, we use various formats, including those that are in demand in the digital segment:

  • Videos, both short for social networks, and full-length movies
  • Photo shoots, from corporate portraits and photo reports to collaborative art projects
  • Printed materials: albums, books, magazines, brochures, etc.
  • In-house magazines

First Place cooperates with the best Russian journalists, directors, editors, illustrators, and photographers. Experienced graphic designers develop layouts and find the most suitable visual solutions for creating a unique product

Our special pride is unique gifts. We love to surprise and we know how to do it. We will help you to give unforgettable presents to your most important business partners. Our creative studio develops VIP-presents on a turnkey basis and converts all ideas into a reality.



To achieve the company’s long-term goals and reduce the economic risks, it is necessary to build effective, comfortable and predictable relations with the public authorities. In the First Place communication group the GR practice is one of the strongest competencies.

We help companies establish, maintain and develop effective relations with the government institutions on the basis of trust. We build strong bridges between companies and the people making decisions at the state level.

With First Place, it becomes possible to influence the state policy development in the business sphere. A bill of any level of complexity and importance can be supplemented and subject to the necessary adjustment.

The main functions of GR:

  • Risk assessment for the company, connected both with the long-term state policy and with the passing of various bills
  • Advising the company on the dynamics of the state policy development and possible consequences for the business
  • Establishing a favorable image for the company and its CEO among public officials of different levels in departments and agencies
  • Building and developing relations with the public authorities

  • Solving practical issues related to the company's tasks: speech writing, preparing mails and other documents for various state and municipal organizations
  • Interacting with NGOs of various scale and types
  • Creating public opinion on the issues necessary for the company’s further advancement at the legislative and executive level
  • Lobbying for the company
  • Participation in the state, regional and municipal projects
  • Crisis management